Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ready for Patterson's Big Party

Just some random thoughts for Fiesta and graduation week:

Memorial Day: The local veterans, Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, do a great job every Memorial Day out at the cemetery. Flags and crosses decorate the graves of those who served in the military. The Avenue of Flags — large flags lining the roadways — is a sight to behold.
Folks gather to remember those who have died and to honor the men and women who have served our country. The ceremony includes music, prayer and the playing of Taps.
The crowd is a cordial one and plenty of time is spent visiting. Then, Tom and I walk along the road to visit the gravesites of relatives and friends who have gone before us.
There is a saying, "Freedom isn't free" and that is so true.

The sadness of the beginning of the week gives way to joy as the days go on.
Joy and delight for those who are moving on from middle school to high school and others who are making the jump from high school out into the world.
It's Graduation time!
Parties and barbecues abound and it is a time for celebrating.
Stay safe.

The long-awaited Patterson Apricot Fiesta is upon us... for the 39th time. Can you believe it!?
This fun-filled weekend has something for everyone — rides for the kids, plenty of food and drink for adults. There are lots of craft and commerical booths for shoppers. The perfect weather and slow economy did keep people close to home last year.
The combination of the two resulted in the biggest Fiesta ever.
See you downtown!


Bonnie said...

The Girl Scouts had nothing to do with the Memorial Day Flag Ceremony. It was the American Heritage Girls and the Boy Scouts who stood in the heat of the day to honor our Vets.

Maddy Houk said...

This blog was written in 2009.