Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The mud slinging elections

It's hard to believe we live in the "... land of the free and the home of the brave."
One would never know we are the home of the brave by looking at the national election race on television. Each candidate blasts the other.
Researchers look into family history and even pick apart, first, middle and last names. The jabs go back and forth.

Statewide and countywide the campaigns are no better. Television ads are attack pieces on candidates and even statewide propositions.
Why not tell us about the candidates, what they stand for and what they plan to do when they get into office?

On the county level, we have received in our mailbox fliers against political candidates. I call it hate mail

And, sadly, the mudslinging has reached the local level — the Patterson races for Mayor and City Council.
What is the purpose of each candidate tearing apart another?
People are talking on the street and on the Patterson Irrigator website. Is that what we want to be known for — a town torn apart?

As Americans we have the freedom to get out and vote.
First, we have to travel the long, hateful road to get there.
How sad for us.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Going on vacation

A New York wedding
It takes quite a bit of planning, organizing and packing to get on the road for a trip. Tom and I did just that leaving for New York at the beginning of the month.

Our road took us to Oakland airport and off into the skies for our trip East. Thanks to our friend Ed who saw us off safely.

The big occasion was My Sister Eileen's wedding on Oct. 4. Eileen, a single parent for more than 30 years, married Rich, a wonderful guy. At the wedding we danced, danced, danced and ate and had lots of fun. There was plenty of time to visit with guests and enjoy the music and singing.

That week of vacation was filled with wedding, family, dinners, visiting and enjoying each other's company.

My family lives on Long Island and my relatives and my husband's relatives are just a car's drive away. My mom, three brothers, three sisters and their families all live close to each other and there was a lot of visiting throughout the week.

We went to dinner and to lunch and had a lot of fun. (We ate a lot and talked a lot).

I got together with school friends, Liz and Ann and their families and we caught up on all the news. Tom's Aunt Ruth had us over for lunch one day and we saw her new, very beautiful apartment.

On Wednesday, I went to New York City with my Mom, my Aunt Ann and my sister, Connnie.

We saw the play " South Pacific " at Lincoln Center then went out to eat at a lovely restaurant. The next day, while I was visiting with school friends, Connie and Tom into New York City. They went to Ground Zero, The Firehouse Museum, Wall Street, Trinity Church among other sites. They had lunch at the historic Fraunces Tavern.

My mom was our hostess and the trip was perfect. Mom and Connie prepare a calendar of events for us for each day. Tom and I get up in the morning and follow the calendar schedule!

On the Friday before we left New York, my mom and all had a cake to observe our anniversary.

It was nice being all together at that special time.

Back to California on time for our 34th wedding anniversary on Oct. 12. Then on Monday it was back to work. The time went by way too fast!

Hope all of you enjoy those special times with those you love, too.