Friday, January 2, 2009

A new beginning

As we turn the pages of the calendar, we start a New Year and a new beginning. The year stretches ahead of us with hopes of better, healthier more prosperous times than in 2008.

We remain optimistic that 2009 will bring a stable economy, affordable home prices for all, food on the table for families and jobs for those who need them.

It is tough to stay optimistic when we turn on the TV and hear all about the doom and gloom throughout the globe. The stories from throughout the United States citing failing banks, businesses, corporations and needed bailouts have shaken consumer confidence. Stores closed and people lost their jobs.

Here in Patterson numerous individuals, businesses and clubs have stepped forth to help those less fortunate. A new group, named Project HOPE(Helping Our People Eat) has taken root. Organizers want to assure those folks who need it have food during the winter months. There's always a spike in giving at holiday time and it levels off the rest of the winter.

Project HOPE folks will start a food drive to fill the shelves of local food pantries in the next week or so. Hopefully, food collected will last the food pantries through the spring when job prospects should be much brighter.

When Project HOPE volunteers come knocking at your door please give generously. There will be drop off boxes stationed throughout businesses and one can leave the donations there also.

Let's all keep pulling together for those in need no matter what the season.

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