Friday, November 7, 2008

Ring in the holidays

The elections are over and thoughts turn to holiday time.
Thanksgiving is in three weeks and Christmas is seven weeks away!
For those fortunate enough to have the day after the Thanksgiving off from work, the four-day weekend can turn in to a time of eating, visiting or shopping with and for the family.
Or maybe everyone gets together to decorate the house Christmas.

But for many, sadly, the holidays will be skimpy this year.
Thousands of folks in the United States were been laid off when businesses took a downturn.
The economy is in a slump,the stock market tanked and housing market stalled.

Right here in Patterson clubs, individuals and organizations are heeding the call of helping others at holiday time. This year local groups are banning together to collect clothes and toys for more than 1,000 children and food for 370 families.

Everyone is struggling — we have all had to tighten the belt in some way.

But, no matter what the generosity of our community has always been paramount. The Patterson-Westley Chamber of Commerce, St. Vincent De Paul Society, Westside Food Pantry and so many others volunteer countless hours to make the holidays brighter for families who cannot afford the simple necessities.

Contact anyone in these groups or stop by U.S. Bank or Sacred Heart Church and pick a name of a child who needs clothes and wants a toy for Christmas.
Giving to others is what Christmas is all about.

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Vernon Sanders said...

I believe you hit the nail on the head, but, lets try to extend the giving and support year 'round. Patterson seems to me to be a community filled with many good people. I hope our politicians can put their bitterness back into that dark place from which it comes and join together to serve this community and its people. Remember, Rome was a republic that burned because of its politicians.